Reading A Dog’s Purpose. I needed something light after my last two books, but didn’t want to buy anything. (I should really get my butt back to the library.) Both Nolan and I have read it and I’ve borrowed it to several people. It’s a good read for any dog owner.IMG_1068

Cooking Lots of Blue Apron recipes. Our latest favorites include:

  • Pretzel Burgers – the cheese sauce wasn’t very flavorful but after a 5-mile run it hit the spot!
  • Pork Chops – Sans beet because it went bad before we made it.
  • Lemon Grilled Cheese– Nolan was out of town when I cooked this one up, sounds weird but the flavors really worked well together. Skip the salad though.

Running What feels like all the time! My friend convinced me to sign up for Goldy’s 10-mile Run and then I convinced my mom into signing up too. Talk about peer pressure! I’m trying to follow this plan from Runner’s World. It’s week 5. I did this run a few years ago after minimal training following a week at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. I’m NOT making that mistake again.

Watching Season 1 of Transparent from Amazon.

Loving Gretchen Runs, another blog that I recently stumbled on. I thought I was busy but this girl is en fuego!

Wanting To Redo our staircase and entry. There are so many bloggers out there tackling their stairs recently. 1, 2, and 3. But, after our hallway we’re taking a break from any new/large projects, ie things we’ve never done before and/or cost a lot. The staircase is both.

Giggling At The fact that Nolan can’t tell the difference between mine and Sophie’s snoring. Like mother, like fur-daughter?006

Anticipating Our friend’s birthday party dinner at Bistro Le Roux this weekend.

Wondering If these are as good as these were.

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