Anybody who has left our house knows that Sophie has a bit of separation anxiety as soon as you even start your Minnesota goodbye. Here she is blocking the door at our Minneapolis house.


In general, she is a friendly dog, but when you even hint at leaving she gets all feisty or whinny. When family/friends are leaving we just hold onto her collar and when we are leaving her alone we do a routine in the entry. (Shown in the living room below.)

Come. Sit.DSC_0116



Wait. (I toss a treat up the stairs). Ok. (At which point she bounds up the stairs and we make our stealth escape). It works pretty well, but lately she hasn’t been chewing the treats. So at around 3 am she goes into the living room to redeposit it somewhere. Meanwhile I spring out of bed to try to make her avoid our white rug.

Enter homemade dog treats!


After reading how easy these were I immediately dropped this dog treat mold into my Amazon cart. I was going to use cilantro instead of parsley but it was looking a little brown and I would never feed my dog old cilantro. Would you feed your baby moldy cheese? I didn’t think so. I wasn’t real clean with the peanut butter but I knew the end user wouldn’t care.


These treats are great because even if she doesn’t chew them completely they will digest/melt. They are incredibly inexpensive (I used some left over stock from making this) and most importantly, she loves them!DSC_0123

The only downside is that you have to keep them frozen and as soon as they start to thaw a little bit they can get messy. White rug, remember?


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