Springtime in Minnesota means acting like it’s 80° when it hits 60. Like yesterday when I got home and it was still 57 outside, and I immediately went for a ride outside. I missed the wind condition on the weather report and battled~14mph winds, but I didn’t care because I was biking, outside, in March. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 5.34.47 PM

Before I took off Nolan said “What’s for dinner? I’ll start cooking.” How awesome is that!? Luckily I had already planned (and bought everything) for this honey mustard baked salmon and roasted asparagus. I pulled up the recipe on Pinterest for him and took off on my ride. We both like cooking, but I love that he helps when I’m busy with something else. I biked for 50-some minutes and when I got home I had just enough time to cool off, hydrate and change clothes before dinner was served.


The white wine we had sucked, but the rest of the meal hit the spot! Nolan made the asparagus by trimming them, placing them on a bake sheet, covering them with olive oil, garlic powder & red pepper flakes and baking at 400° for 11 minutes. Roasted vegetables are so easy and yummy!


We also had the last bits of leftover White Chocolate Raspberry Bundt Hunt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes that my MIL gave us for Easter. She dropped it off on Saturday and on Tuesday it still tasted amazing!

I can’t wait for consistent warm weather so we can start grilling again. 🙂

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