Even though Minnesota is going through a heat wave lately (hello 60s!), I really wanted to make Roasted Cauliflower and Cheddar Soup from Two Peas and their Pod. I don’t know that I’ve ever made a pureed soup and while it turned out great, it did seem to take a lot of futzing around.

While the cauliflower was roasting I did some leg lifts, sit-ups and stretches while watching Wheel of Fortune. I got my taste for the Wheel from my Great Grandma Alice.

I had to “taste test” several of the florets to ensure they were roasted correctly. I could have stopped there and just eaten roasted cauliflower for dinner. I simmered the rest of the ingredients and dumped about half of it in my food processor, which I now know is broken. (Along with our faucet… at first I thought it was the rubber band prank but alas, it’s broken too)


Leave it to me to make a huge mess hours after the house is cleaned. Due to the leaky food processor I hurriedly pureed blended it and put it back into the sauce pan. The picture is not appetizing at all, but I promise that it tasted good! 😀


Other modifications include skipping the thyme (it always overpowers the entire dish), less vegetable broth (around 3 cups) and mozzarella instead of cheddar (which I regret). For more Pinterest recipes that I’ve made and liked look here.