I mentioned last week that, along with the food processor, I managed to break the faucet. A new faucet wasn’t even on the radar but unless you like to be sprayed in the stomach each time you use the sink, it quickly went on the radar. After finishing the hallway, I’m on a bit of an oil-rubbed bronze kick, so naturally I wanted an oil-rubbed bronze faucet.



Because, you know, ORB goes so well with a stainless sink and drinking water faucet.


We started with taking everything out from under the sink and removing the old faucet. The space is very tight and several of the nuts/bolts were corroded. So, just when you’d get a good grip on the nut you could only turn it about 30°. We took turns laying on our backs but it still took close to an hour just to remove the old faucet.

What’s that duck-taped hole in the middle of the floor you ask? Oh, that’s what I’ll call a laundry shoot for cans and plastic bottles. It goes down into the laundry room into a box that gets dumped into the recycling can once full.

After successfully getting the old faucet uninstalled, installing the new faucet was relatively straight forward.


What’s some plumbing work without a wife-beater? To get the soap dispenser screwed on, I had to squeeze my melon of a head around the drain while reaching over and around the garbage disposle.


We should upgrade the drinking water faucet to this one, but I’m tired of spending money.


3 thoughts on “Say it, don’t spray it”

  1. That can drop is awesome! I love laundry chutes (on my list), but had never heard of this kind.

    Yeah, your big melon head is what we noticed, bahahaha! Good for you girl, getting in there like a pro!

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