When my biker friends and I signed up for the Minnesota Ironman Bike Ride back in March we planned on doing the 67-mile ride. Then, seeing the questionable forecast, we elected to do the 36-mile ride. A little rain didn’t dampen our spirits.


When we started on Sunday morning it wasn’t terrible, but then the rain and wind picked up. You know how much I like to bike in the wind.

Time(CDT) Temp. Humidity Wind Speed Gust Speed Conditions
8:34 AM 51.8 °F 94% 8.1 mph 16.1 mph Thunderstorms and Rain
8:53 AM 51.8 °F 94% 13.8 mph Heavy Rain
9:14 AM 51.8 °F 94% 15.0 mph Light Rain
9:34 AM 50.0 °F 94% 12.7 mph 19.6 mph Light Rain

Weather history curtesy of Weather Underground.

So when we got to the turn for the 36 and 67-mile routes, we opted for the 15-mile route.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 6.46.17 PM

Every pedal stroke was like stepping on a carpeted floor that had recently flooded. But we finished!


We were done so early they didn’t have the Surly kegs out yet, so we settled for hot coffee and a hot dog. The way back to the car was miserable. I was so cold and I couldn’t find my car amongst the 3,000 other idiots who came out to ride! I had to use the panic button and found it two rows over. Luckily I had a towel and some dry clothes to change into, but I still cranked the heat up to 85 on the way home.


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