Reading: We finished watching Downton Abbey  (this season finale review is spot on), so naturally the “A Lady and Lady’s Maid Mystery” blurb on the front of Murder Most Malicious sucked me right in. It was a quick and easy read. Also on the docket is The Rosie Effect and Where We Belong.


I’m almost done with Wild by Cheryl Strayed and it’s been a fantastic read– when Sophie “allows” me to read it. She squeezes her nose wherever she can and then gently nudges you until you pet her. image1


Thinking: DIY home improvements are overrated, as I’ve pointed out before. In the last couple years we’ve done a TON of work on the house and there is no end in sight. There are no breaks either, because I like to start the next project (or two) before we’re done with the current one. Point in case is the entry, which hasn’t changed since then. (I’m thinking of planking the entire thing so we can avoid having to do the uber messy wallpaper glue removal.)

Not Keeping up with the Jones: After installing a new faucet we went to several Parade of Homes. One was a total pipe dream, while others were more reasonable. But, if we were ever going to move again the home would have to check several, if not most of our boxes. And thankfully none of the ones we saw did just that. At the end our “tour” I asked “Can we take this house, with those finishes, with that deck, put it on that lot, and with that price?” Suffice to say, we won’t be keeping up with any Jones and we’re just fine with that.

Liking: These Stella McCartney shoes.

Stella M Shoes

Cooking: This past week we made honey mustard baked salmon and roasted asparagus and faro, cranberry and goat cheese salad.


Working on: Removing the wallpaper on the gallery wall and the last door in the hallway. After discovering one of the doors was the wrong size, it took several weeks for the correct size to be delivered to our local store. We’d really like to do some hosting this spring/summer and a bathroom door is one of those things we should probably have installed. 🙂DSC_0176

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