Doorbells are boring. I re-wrote this post several times trying to insert some creativity or humor, but no dice. So, don’t say you weren’t warned. We upgraded our hardwired doorbell for this SadoTech CXR Wireless Doorbell from Amazon. Of course this was going to leave a hole in our wonderful new hallway. As you can see we were working on this while fixing up the gallery wall.

There was so much patch work on the gallery wall that it made sense {for Nolan} to do them at the same time.

The off-white box won’t be missed. Now, if I could only do something about that off-white smoke detector…

The new wireless doorbell has two receivers, we put one in the kitchen and one downstairs. Remember when I took all the wallpaper down when Nolan was gone? Well that darn vent down there was impossible to remove. It was nailed into the wall. Nolan eventually was able to pry it off, which ruined it and of course the replacement I bought was slightly shorter than the previous one. So there is a tiny strip of wall that still needs the wallpaper stripped, zinsser applied and to be painted. Another project for another day. DSC_0270The other receiver is in the workout/storage room downstairs. It’s one room that we haven’t touched yet.

This picture really shows off the poor condition, and how dirty the siding is. This week power washing the deck and house is on the list! DSC_0271Signature

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