For Nolan’s birthday this year we’re upgrading our Ikea chair to a real man chair. He wants it to have some give (a recliner but not a rocking chair) and a high back. I want it to look good. Do you think we can find that in our price range?Man Chair 2

  1. Restoration Hardware Churchill
    This cushy arm chair reclines but is the most expensive.
  2. Ikea Strandom
    I’ve always liked this chair, it has a high back but doesn’t recline, but there is a matching footstool, or we could use the one I re-uphostered.
  3. Crate&Barrel Royce Recliner
    This one has a nice price, high back and reclines but I’m not sure about the fabric choices.
  4. West Elm Library Upholstered Chair
    I like this chair a lot and it’s dog tested, (twice), but it doesn’t recline.
  5. Pottery Barn York Slope
    This one looks comfy and I like the sloped arms and crisp, creamy fabric color.

We also looked at Scandinavian Designs, but all I found was a great office chair. 🙂