In my Currently: April 2016 post I mentioned we were working on the gallery wall. When we installed the board and batten in the hallway we replaced the trim on the gallery wall, which required us to remove a strip of the wallpaper. It wasn’t hurting anyone but super annoying.DSC_0176

So, instead of finishing the other wallpaper removal project that’s underway, we tackled this one. To be fair, this wall is way more accessible and is in clear eyesight of my couch spot. Nolan steamed all the wallpaper glue off, filled the holes and sanded it all down.


There really is no easy way to contain the dust…


I followed with a coat of Zinsser Gardz. I always giggle when I used this stuff because it’s like painting with runny milk. The little triangle section above the stairs required a little paintbrush jimmy rigging.


Nolan painted two coats of Behr Dolphin Fin to match the hallway. I swear our whole house is going to end up being Dolphin Fin. We replaced the outlet with a crisp white one. Safety first!


We hung up the same pictures and put a fork in it.


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