Last weekend I completed Goldy’s 10-mile run. Three years ago I ran it after minimal training, and immediately after a week at an all-inclusive in Mexico. I ended up finishing in 1:47:29 (10:42 min/mile). It wasn’t fun. I didn’t want to repeat that experience again so this time, after I signed up, I started this training plan, and peer-pressed my mom to sign up too. I went old school and printed off the training schedule to record my workouts.

I followed the training pretty closely, but during one of my long runs my knee really bugged me. It was really difficult to go down the steps for several days after that run. I spent a few days off and slowly got back to it. I was still feeling confident I could beat my time from 3 years ago without a problem. The starting line was packed and my mom and I couldn’t find my friend Heidi, but we had time for a quick selfie.


The first 6 miles went great! The course was hillier than I remember so we quickly warmed up.
1 10:21
2 9:55
3 9:53
4 10:15
5 10:23
6 10:12
Then my knee started to hurt, my mom took off and I slowed way down. Slow enough to take this picture of the Hennepin Avenue bridge.

7 11:08
8 11:01
And then it really started to hurt. I couldn’t jog for more than two strides, so I walked the last mile and a half.
9 11:45
10 15:17

I finished 1:54:44 (11:24 min/mile)- my mapmyrun said 10.4 miles at 11:10 min/mile but who’s counting? Oh, wait, I am. It was frustrating to put in so much time training and then choke (plus a little embarrassing having to walk so much of the course- running is so humbling!)IMG_1222

It helped to have Heidi’s daughter’s Lucy and Annie all smiley and bubbly at the finish line. They both ran the kid race later that day.


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