The Lowertown neighborhood of St. Paul has really taken off in the past couple years with new bars/restaurants, the re-opening of Union Depot and the opening of CHS Field.

Last week I went to the Handsome Hog with an old high school friend. It’s right on 6th Street East, overlooking Mears Park. We bellied up to the bar and I ordered the El Jefe Guapo. I butchered the pronunciation and my friend, who is fluent in Spanish, corrected me and told me it means handsome boss.

The day we went happened to be Nolan’s birthday, but he was traveling for work. So in his honor we ordered the pork belly starter. It was good, but the best part, IMO, was the quail eggs that came along with it.
For dinner she ordered the smoked beef brisket. She didn’t care for the spicy BBQ sauce but I thought it was on point.
The bartender talked me into the chicken n waffles. It was my first time ordering them, and while messy to eat, they were delicious!
The restaurant vibe was chill – there is something a little bit more relaxed about St. Paul, compared to Minneapolis. I’d definitely go back.

Also on my Lowertown List is St. Dinette and PUBLIC kitchen + bar.