Reading I made the mistake of requesting several books from the library at the same time without looking to see if they were available or not. I figured they were on Pinterest Book Lists so there must be a waiting list. Nope.

Here is what I’ve finished (and would recommend) in the last month:
Room by Emma Donoghue 
A disturbing, but intense story about a mother and son who are being held captive. I didn’t want to put it down.
A Thousand Miles to Freedom by Eunsun Kim
 A fascinating memoir of Eunsun Kim’s escape from North Korea.
Worst. Person. Ever. By Douglas Coupland
 A funny, unrealistic, somewhat offensive (grandma-don’t read this one) novel about Raymond Gunt who just can’t seem to catch a break. The chapters are really short so it was easy to fly through the book. This is one of those books you either love or hate. I loved it, especially after finishing two very serious books.
The Dinner by Herman Koch I just finished this over the weekend and while it turned out to be pretty strange at the end, I really enjoyed it.
-I skimmed The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp and tried to apply some of the practices to this blog. I really enjoyed the ‘Face Your Fear’s’ Exercise. I really identified with the fear that being creative is sometimes viewed as self-indulgent. I sometimes wonder if this blog is self-absorbed. Her response to this fear:

So? How often do you indulge yourself? Why shouldn’t you? You won’t be of much value to others if you don’t learn to value yourself and your efforts.

I’m now about 40 pages into Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

These are on the to-read stack. The likelihood that I’ll read them all before they’re due back to the library is slim-to-none.
The Rosie Effect by Graeme Samson Still.
The Andalusian Friend by Alexander Soderberg
The Slow Fix by Carl Honore
Contagious by Jonah Berger

Especially if Sophie continues to interrupt!


Eating I am loving these Chobani Flips and recently made these delicious Korean Bao Sliders from Blue Apron.

Mourning The passing of Prince. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I respect the incredible impact he had on the music industry and fans. I was traveling for work the week he passed and seeing my fellow Minnesotans paying their respects at Paisley Park and at 1st Ave made me a bit homesick.

Creeping Speaking of Minnesota Love… I’ve been following a few new-to-me blogs from Minnesota, like The Curly Diaries, RunEatSnap, and Champagne + Macaroons.

Watching We watched The Big Short, Inspired to Ride & The Barkley Marathons (on Netflix), and have been catching Twins games (including the opener). Most importantly Game of Thrones!!

Excited Fore! I’m taking my first golf lessons this month. I’ve mentioned before that we follow the tradition of anniversary gifts. Iron was one of the 6-year options so Nolan got me golf clubs and 4 lessons. I’m prepared to be utterly frustrated. ☺


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