Unlike other house chores and projects I really dislike gardening. I think it’s the never-ending weeding, trimming, and mulching that it requires. Not to mention, we underestimated the power of Sophie’s pee on our new sod. There were dead spots EVERYWHERE in the back.


He is smiling but on the inside he is kicking himself for letting Sophie use the backyard so much.


Meanwhile I scoped out what came back and I was surprised that all the perennials returned! After all the rain everything has been popping up. In the front and side of the house we have some hostas, day lilies, and a large bush we trimmed the heck out of but still came back!

Front plants

In the back we have the strong lilacs, which are surrounded by more day lilies.


In another area I have some tall grass, succulents, hostas, and cone flowers.

back collage 1

In yet another area I have a bleeding heart, more cone flowers, a tree that is dying, and some other plants… I told you gardening isn’t my thing. 🙂

back collage 2

More of the backyard here, here, and here.


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