With a rainy Memorial weekend forecast ahead of us we opted to stay home rather than go to the cabin for the weekend. So, being a true opportunist I quickly wrote a list of all the things we could do instead. First up, a trip back to our old hood to check out the Norseman Distillery.
Norseman Distillary collage

My iPhone pictures don’t do justice to the amazing chalkboard art or the relaxed cocktail room. The bartenders and servers were wonderful, none of them had that snobby, you’re-annoying-me attitude that seems so common at breweries.

norseman distillery white russian

I ordered a White Russian and of course made a Big Lebowski reference. All jokes aside, it was a #300.

norseman distillery xyz

To switch things up Nolan ordered an XYZ, which has rum, lemon and orange. That thing was dangerously good! After drinking a few glasses of water, we headed over to Tattersall Distilling for more tasting and to grab a snack from the Red River Kitchen food truck.

tattersall outisde

You can’t tell, but the place was packed! I was able to nab some prime spots at the bar just as two women were leaving. I asked them for a recommendation and without hesitation they both suggested a grapefruit drink. Their cocktail menu was very extensive, so that made my choice easy.

tattersall drinks

As soon as the rain let up I ran out and ordered pork tacos, french fries, and a veggie burger. The tacos and fries hit the spot; the veggie burger was a bit greasy for me.

red river pork tacos and french fries

I was silly enough to *try* to curl my hair that night.

tattersall selfie

The bartenders were serious about making cocktails and watching them make them was like watching a performance. So of course, we had to order another one. Of all the drinks this was my favorite. The name of it escapes me but it had a bourbon base. (See the greasy veggie burger bun?)

tattersall burbon drink

As the rain cleared up more and more people were coming in, so we downed some waters, gave our spots to a nice couple patiently waiting behind us, and headed back to the ‘burbs.


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