Now, I never claimed to be super trendy or even aware of the latest trends, but I do try. Recently I’ve loved the off-the-shoulder look, like here, here and here. If you don’t like those, I dare you to search “off the shoulder top” on Pinterest and not find one that you like.

off the shoulder zara web site photo

I knew I wanted one for our upcoming Vegas trip, so when I read, The Spark Is Gone: What Comes After The Off-The-Shoulder Shirt? the day after I ordered the top above from Zara, I just laughed. It’s a satirical article about how the trend suddenly became a huge hit and therefore was no longer cool. I see her point (cough::hipster::cough), but I still found the article hilarious.

Wearing one no longer felt like a secret handshake between me and my personal style; it felt like peeing in a communal bathroom at Coachella.

I’ve never had a real close relationship with my personal style, much less a secret handshake. We’re more like casual acquaintances that get along really well, but not often enough. But, with a trip coming up I thought I’d try out something new. Vegas is a great place to try out new trends, because anything goes. As long as you’re clothed, you can get away with almost anything and no one cares. off the shoulder zara shirtI hope you’re laughing at me right now for talking about how “anything goes” in Vegas and my plan is to wear a shirt that covers my arms. To play it even more safe I also ordered this bag and a few pairs of pants. Neither of the pants fit perfectly, but I feel like I haven’t bought new clothes in so long that when the box came in the mail I felt like singing HBD to Jesus.

Off the shoulder zara box

I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

PS: Our Vegas trip two years ago.


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