When a friend of mine asked me to be a guest speaker in her MBA class at Hamline University my initial reaction was, NO. I’m not an expert in marketing and public speaking is scary. But I thought about it for a minute and realized that it would be a great experience with really little to no risk. So I texted her back and said I was onboard.

I wore my Zara Biker Trousers (purchased while in NYC), a silky pink top (Marshall’s), Cole Haan flats and my favorite black & gray blazer (Forever 21). My outfit was not the most expensive or most professional outfit I have, but I felt comfortable and confident in it. IMG_1505

I earned my MBA from St. Thomas a few years ago and I loved guest speakers. I kept that in mind when I was putting together my presentation. The plan was to speak for 20 minutes and do 10 minutes of questions. I ended up talking for 25+ minutes and answering questions for another 20 minutes. I’m not sure if I’m that interesting or if they were just avoiding their quiz. 😛


Either way, I walked away feeling empowered and confident. The weather made me glad that I was done with my MBA and could head home to Sophie and Nolan, who was already whipping up General Tso’s Chicken.


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