In addition to completing the Esprit de She Lakeville Duathlon last weekend I also had my first golf lesson!  I mentioned how excited I was, but when I left in the morning I was a bit nervous too! The lessons were at Logger’s Trail in Stillwater with Dave Cahill.

Shortly after meeting Dave I felt much more relaxed. He was super friendly and patient. He used a tripod and an iPad to record my swings from different angles, then we’d watch and he’d critique them. (Click here or on the picture below to watch one.) By the end I was feeling pretty good about my swing. Then I completely whiffed one. Talk about frustrating!

First golf lesson

I eventually want to buy a set of clubs, but in the meantime Nolan’s aunt let me borrow hers. (Thanks Dawn!) I had the hat and Callaway glove from the one time I golfed 2 years ago. I bought these golf shoes from Dick’s Sporting Goods (using a Sport’s Authority coupon) and a cheap golf skirt from Kohl’s. Call it what you want, but I believe I perform better when I feel confident and part of my confidence comes from how I’m dressed.

I’m excited for another lesson next week and to get out on the course and play a round!


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