A quick recap of my training last week and an upcoming race!

30 minute yoga @ Lifetime over lunch
30 minute weights in front of TV at night
1:10 Jog and then Warrior Sculpt @ Lifetime
1 hour volleyball (These sand socks are a must when playing in the cold and drizzly rain)
30 minute cycle + 1-mile jog + 10 minute cool-down walk @ Lifetime over lunch
I wanted to go about 5 miles, but the bike computer was obviously broken, so I just went by time.
Does dancing/singing in the car on the way to the cabin count as anything?
20 minute yoga at the cabin
1-mile walk in the woods

45 minute easy bike ride to the library. I learned my backpack is great for carrying books!
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 7.28.36 PM

This Sunday I’m doing the Esprit de She duathlon and I’m a bit nervous because I haven’t trained enough. Last year it was cold and rainy but I had completed several more hours of training. I’m not worried about not finishing, just wondering out loud how hard I can push myself during the 2-mile run, 14-mile ride, and final 2-mile run. At least the weather should be better this year!


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  1. Remember your awesome pick up at the end of our mother’s day run. Do that on Sunday!

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