My friend recently asked me for some book recommendations, so I put together a list of books that Nolan or I have read on vacation.

8 vacation books

I prefer to get physical books from the library, but on vacation I fill up my Kindle with books.

  1. It’s small and doesn’t weigh a lot.
  2. You can load several books, so gives me several options.
  3. You can read in the sun.

When you want to read but not think
Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series
Bring several, it only took me one afternoon by the pool to read one.

When you want some vulgar humor 
Anything Chelsea Handler
I finished My Horizontal Life on a flight to Mexico for a girl’s trip. The rest of the girls read the entire book during the trip.

When you want to root for the good guys
The Last Policeman
This trilogy is about the end of the earth and one policeman’s commitment to public service.

When you want to think a little
What Alice Forgot
I read this on our recent Vegas trip. I fell asleep multiple times in the middle of a chapter and had to reread parts because I’d forget what had happened.

When you want to cry
The Fault in Our Stars
I’m not sure that crying and vacation go together, but just in case you’re into that. I made the mistake of not finding out what this one was about before jumping in (see reason #2 above for having a Kindle).

When you want to think a lot
Nolan and I both read this mammoth Stephen King book while visiting Jamaica. If you can or want to concentrate on a something that’s mind boggling then this one’s for you.

When you want to stay up on young adult fiction
Hunger Games Trilogy
Nolan and I both read the trilogy on vacation. I poo-pooed it at first and then got sucked right in.

When you want to go to space
The Martian
I started this one on vacation and finished it during a work trip. It’s a great read and as you can expect, the book is better than the movie.

PS: Another book list and an antique book-scented candle.

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