Let’s just say that I can’t blame my terrible game on the equipment.

first set of clubs overview

Nolan did a charity golf tournament a few weeks ago and got me the Rory McIlroy head cover, isn’t it cute? I’m competitive, but I also don’t like to take myself too seriously, like Bubba Watson and his head cover.

Bubba Watson and headcover

Finding a good set of clubs at a good price is tough; a complete beginner set can cost you as much as a top-of-the-line driver. Luckily, my golf instructor told me what kind of clubs to get and was adamant that they don’t need to be brand new. The putter he suggested is Yes! Natalie C-Groove putter and it was super easy to find a used one on eBay.

The irons he recommended (the Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Senior Flex) are $1000 new, so I was glad that used ones would suffice. After two lessons, he advised which brand, length, shaft, grip and loft would work best for me. We watched eBay for the Mizuno ones, but then he found a similar used set of Ping irons on eBay and I snatched them up. (I was a little impatient too because we have two tee times already scheduled in July.) They were delivered and sat pretty in our hallway.

Ping iron set

This weekend we went into 2nd Swing in Minneapolis. They have new and used clubs, bags, accessories, clothes, etc. I was looking for a Ping, Titleist, Mizuno, or Adams 4/5 rescue and a driver with 10,11, or 12 degrees of loft, senior flex, graphite shaft, standard length. There are so many variations with the clubs, I had to keep referring to the email to make sure I was selecting the correct one. I tried out a few kinds, but of course the most expensive one worked the best. It was very odd to do a full swing in an enclosed area and directly at a screen. Nolan had to remind me to take a full swing.
first set of clubs irons and driver

I wasn’t set on finding a bag that day, but this one caught my eye. Nolan showed me what all the pockets were for and I liked how it had a velcro spot for my glove. Then I looked at the price tag to find out it was used and only $119. SOLD.

first golf bag

Now, the only thing I can blame for a bad shot is weather. 😉


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