This past weekend I had two birthday parties: a surprise dinner for a friend and a bowling party for my twin nieces. I’m terrible at wrapping presents, so it’s kind of a joke that I’m writing this post. But, I do enjoy the creativity of it and would love to someday have a bunch of beautifully wrapped presents under our Christmas tree.

metallic gift wrap bags

My friends and I don’t usually exchange birthday presents, but this year my other friend and I decided to make an exception. The birthday girl recently got one of those Kitchen Aid Stand Up Mixer  for Mother’s Day. So, we got her several baking utensils from Target, including an unwieldy rolling pin.

kitchen utensils birthday present

Of course the utensils didn’t nestle in the pan either, so I ended up wrapping everything in pink tissues paper and sticking it in a bag. We got her the most beautiful card though, so hopefully that distracted her from my terrible wrap job.

wrapping kitchen utensils

Unlike my friends, I always get my nieces and nephew birthday presents. This year I purchased several small items for the twins, including coloring books, markers, notebooks, gum, crayons, pens, hair accessories and my favorite, feather boas!

8 year old girl birthday presents

I thought about wrapping each item individually so they would have tons of presents to open but then I thought about the time it would take and decided to toss it all in a bag and use the boas as tissue paper.

8 year old girl birthday presents

After all, it’s not about how well the presents are wrapped, it’s about being able to blow out all your candles! Happy 8th birthday girls! 🙂

Twin's 8th birthday party


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