I’m not talking about the Natty Light from college. I’m talking about the beams of light directly hitting our dusty collection of liquor.

Liquor out of sun before

When we first moved in we put our Ikea side table in the dining room. It fit perfectly in the basement of our Minneapolis house, but was dwarfed by the big red wall in the new house. We haphazardly stored all our hard liquor on the bottom shelf, because that’s where we kept it previously. On the weekends I’d look at the sun beating down on all the bottles and think, I should really move those to a better spot.

liquor out of the sun sophie

Then one weekend my MIL pointed out the bad storage situation after buying us a cool bottle of vodka and I realized it was time to move the booze. You know, like to the brand new bar we put in downstairs!? Now, let me point out that Nolan and I don’t drink hard alcohol often, which is why we have so much of it. One time, I tried to make a dirty martini but used the wrong olive juice and had to try to drink it out of a wine glass.

liquor out of sun bottles

Most of the bottles were given to us as housewarming presents in our Minneapolis house. Thus, having to buy a side table to hold it all while we didn’t drink much of it. I also think storing it out in the open is a little tacky, unless it’s a styled one, like this or this. Which ours was definitely not.

I brought all the bottles downstairs as Nolan rearranged the lighting controls and shelving. We mounted the lighting to the back wall for more shelf space.

liquor out of sun cabinet before

Of course, not all the bottles fit- especially because they had to be organized by type of liquor and bottle size. 🙂

liquor out of sun cabinet after

But they are now stored correctly in a cool dark area, which means we’ll probably turn into cocktail people.


In the same weekend Nolan also knocked two more items off the 90% List – the black piece around the top left cabinet and the small piece of trim on the bottom left. See a before picture here for comparison.

PS: My FIL has since gifted me a set of martini glasses but I haven’t been so brave as to make one again.


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