There is still something funky going on with my knee but, MD Pitlick knows that for it to heal it’s better to run a little than to not run. And since I hadn’t run since the duathlon, I set out to burn off some of the beer & cake calories last Sunday.

I left my phone at home and decided to run for 30 minutes, ignoring speed and distance. I usually run with music and with the MapMyRun app on my phone. Other than the data it eats up, I love having music and my speed/mileage announced along the run.

Data overage Verizon

I still had my watch to track my time and heart rate, because otherwise the title of this post would be ‘Running Without Technology’. I was surprised how much I enjoyed just being alone with my thoughts (and my loud heel-striking stride). I don’t even remember what I thought about- probably food. Not only did I enjoy the quiet run but it looks like my pace didn’t seem to suffer either!

Apple Watch 30 min Run

I love mixing up my workouts and this was a great way to mix up my runs. What’s next? Intervals? Hill Repeats? Stairs? Trails?  PS: Did you know it’s Global Running Day?


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