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When we first moved into our house I was so motivated to complete a ton of projects before hosting anything, but then I got over it and here’s three reasons why.

#1 Projects take a long time/money/motivation

entry wallpaper removal

Our list of home improvements knows no end. They all take some level of time, money, and motivation to complete and the likelihood of those three factors occurring all at the same time has been pretty slim lately. How long ago did I rip the wallpaper off the entryway walls? I hate to admit it, but the entry hasn’t changed one bit since that day, mostly due to time. We’ve also picked out Nolan’s man chair, but haven’t pulled the trigger. We’re both anxious about spending a lot on a piece a furniture that can only be used by one person at a time.

It’s hard enough to finish a single project and if we waited until everything on our list was complete we’d never host anything.

#2 It’s fun for people to see the before-during-after.


I don’t expect all my family and friends to read my blog and even those that do, seeing the progress in-person beats snoring through my blog. Just the other week I hosted a girls-night-in and my friends were loving on our new hallway.

#3 Generally, people don’t care.

no bathroom door handle

As long as you have bathroom door handle and good beer on tap, people don’t generally care about hanging out in a less-than-perfect house. Because, most likely, they have an on-going project at home as well.

To prove my point, we are hosting a game night for Nolan’s family at our house this weekend!


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