disconnect for a week

I’m guilty of responding with “Busy” when someone asks “How are you?” which is why it’s important to disconnect and rejuvenate occasionally.

Other than running into town for beer (which is when I posted this picture), driving along highway 38, and going golfing, we were disconnected from the internet, email, and all social media for an entire week. The cabin is just far enough away to not get any good signal, which is sometimes frustrating (when I’m trying to play my mom in WWF), but most of the time it’s wonderful. It was SO refreshing.

disconnect for a week dock

I still got up early every morning, but it was because my circadian rhythm was buzzing, not myTalk from my alarm clock. Instead of popping a k-cup in and rushing out the door, I made a pot of coffee and sat on the deck or dock. It is the quietest and most calming part of the day. One morning we took the kayaks out and paddled up the creek. The water was so smooth! Going up the creek took a little more effort, but we made it far enough to hear the eaglets squealing as their mother came back with breakfast.

disconnect for a week eaglets

On the way out of the creek we just let the current carry us and I assumed the beer-in-hand posture. I didn’t know what time it was and it didn’t matter. I had my phone with for the sole purpose of taking pictures, I wasn’t pokeman going, checking Facebook or even checking my website’s dashboard.

disconnect for a week kayak

Between talking about wildlife and dead bodies we saw a very well camouflaged duck (real exciting, I KNOW) and what we think was an otter. If you look closely you can see the duck in the center of the picture below, tucked in the brown grass. I brought up the discussion of dead bodies; it was so quiet and secluded back there that I thought how easy it would be to drop one off there… maybe I’d had too much sun at that point.

disconnect for a week creek

Other than kayaking we spent our time 4-wheeling through the woods, fishing, playing croquet & ladder golf, doing yoga, reading, and eating. We knew we wanted to make a few of Nolan’s pinned Cabin Recipes, so we took screenshots of the recipes on his iPad. The days started to blur together and if it wasn’t for Sophie reminding us of dinner we wouldn’t know what time of day it was. It was so relaxing to be schedule-free and go-with-the-flow everyday. Coming back to an inbox full of emails was not great but disconnecting was still absolutely worth it!


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  1. Disconnecting is so freeing. It’s like you can really sink deep into yourself. I’m glad you had a great week!

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