Ikea Akurum Cabinet Review two years later

A two years after their install, I’m reviewing our Ikea Akurum Cabinets today- what I’d do the same and what I’d do differently.

In early 2014 we installed the cabinets and soon after had the counter tops and carpet installed. We love how it turned out, but honestly we don’t use the basement as much as we thought we would. Even after I hung some new art, installed a basement doorbell, and fully stocked the bar, we still generally hang out upstairs. (Except for celebrating Christmas around the Christmas tree there last year, thanks to Sophie’s present-chewing behavior.)

Regardless of how much we use it I know a few things I love and a few things I’d change if I could.

Same: Hardware
The thick chunky Värde Handles are awesome. They are super easy to grab because they are so wide and sturdy. After I removed the antique hardware in the kitchen I tried to use the leftovers Värdes, but alas they were a different size.

Akurum Cabinets Varde Handles

Different: Pull out garbage
I love all the drawers, but I wish we would have used some of the lower cabinet space for a garbage drawer. Instead we have a half-circle can nearby. If you’re that bored, read more about those DIY valances and the framed art.

Akurum Cabinets

Same: Glass doors & white frames on the uppers
I’m not sure we planned this or not, but I’m glad the upper frames are white. With the glass doors it looks nice and crisp behind all the glassware.

glass cabinet doors

Overall we’re still very very happy with our little bar, how could we not when this is how it started?


More basement before pictures, and wallpaper removal, painting the trim, flooring removal and skim coating, paintingnew flooring and our gallery wall- part 1 and part 2.

When the time comes, I will be considering Ikea cabinets for our kitchen. But, for right now, I’m enjoying the wonderful Minnesota summer by spending as much time as I can outside trying to hit my goals.


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  1. Those are mighty fine handles! You two sure do know how to spruce up a space!

    My uncle is a woodworker who encased my portable dishwasher & added a pullout trash next to it, which I really enjoy. Lmk if you want to get in touch with him for a rework.

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