antipasto salad ingredients

It was the second time around for this salad, but this time I wasn’t as hangry, even though I just did 50 minutes of Tracy Anderson videos.

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen how I dried my lettuce without a salad spinner. I’ve since ordered this one from Amazon. The rest of the salad prep was pretty straight forward- just chop everything up. I bought all the ingredients from Hy-Vee, an employee-owned grocery store that just moved into the Twin Cities. I go there at least once a week to grab a fresh salad for lunch. The store is always clean, the food is always good, and the employees are always super nice (i.e. a salad maker once sorted through all the steaks to give me the biggest one).

antipasto salad ingredients chopped

I love using this dressing bottle my MIL gave me from Pampered Chef and here is a similar one from Amazon. I love mixing my own dressing because you can control what’s in it. I also like to then dress my salad immediately before eating it so nothing gets soggy.

antipasto salad dressing

Despite how it looks, there is a salad underneath all those toppings. 😛 With a salad like this I can almost go without any dressing because there are so many yummy toppings! But if you want, here is the recipe I followed. You could easily cut the dressing amount in half, as I only used about half of what you see above.

antipasto salad

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