funny things i've learned from paying off my student loans

This is not going to be your typical boring how-student-loans-are-crippling-millennials article about the 43 million Americans with $1.3 trillion of student loan debt. Instead, I’m going to share all the unconventional, hopefully amusing, things it taught me.

Imagining what you could have done with the money doesn’t help
Because, if I hadn’t been making those beasty monthly payments I would have blown the money on dinners, vacations, and clothes, not an M6.

btw m6

Expensive Schools are for expensive people
Unless your parents are ballers and are paying for you, I’d say skip the fancy name and go to a state school. You’re learning and college experience will reflect what you put into it, not by how much each credit costs.


Play video games, don’t worry about how to pay off the debt
Before landing a “real” job, I enjoyed rent-free living, at home. I was never really worried about my loans, or maybe I just did a really good job of suppressing it. During this time I became a pro at Wii bowling because you can only send out so many resumes a day. So. Many. Turkeys.
Nintendo Wii Bowling

Working for the man
The 9-5 cubicle life may seem like a depressing, purposeless way to live and it is. But, it’s also sometimes essential to paying off those naggy loans, which are the only reason you landed said job. It’s like a malicious April Fool’s Joke.


Find a man to support you
I don’t know how a single person, or two married people, both with student loans, could conquer student loan debt. I was lucky to find a man who had already paid off his student loans that was willing to support my broke ass for several years. Thanks Nolan!

surely brew

But, 9 years later I ask myself, was that semester in China really worth it? Shi.


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