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I’m so happy to introduce my new blog name, everything emelia! I’ve spent months thinking about and planning a re-launch of Hate to Love the Split because I was transitioning to more of a lifestyle blog and I wanted my name and image to reflect that. You may have already noticed a few changes that I’ve put in place, but this is the official launch!

The name was the hardest part of the re-branding. Everything emelia came out of brainstorming sessions on paper, over email with friends, and during dinners with Nolan. It should be broad enough to cover all the topics I want to blog about.

Site Design
I tried multiple out-of-the-box WordPress themes, like Resonar, Dyad, and Revelar. You may have even seen some of these deployed while I was testing them out. They would have all worked, but I had some specific features I wanted to incorporate. So I reached out to a friend-of-a-friend to help me. I sent him my story and a laundry list of wants, he gave me an estimate, I gave him the green light.

I love the script ribbon fonts out there and spent way too much time scrolling through different font web sites. Eventually, I recruited a coworker to help me build the logo using peach echo pantone color.

I changed my name on Pinterest to everything emelia and created an everything emelia Blog folder where I have and will pin my blog content.

I created an everythingemelia on Instagram and have started posting a few items.

Tweet me @em_everything. I’m new to Twitter so bare with me.

Just like any brand or website, everything emelia will forever be evolving, but this was a big change and I’m excited to live with it for awhile. Thanks to everyone that helped and all my readers for supporting me. Yay me!


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