the man chair

After 5 months of looking we finally purchased Nolan a new chair!

I decided last April to get Nolan a “man-chair” for his birthday and after discussing color, fabric, style, and features we went shopping, but couldn’t find anything we agreed on. Meanwhile, our tired Ikea chair was getting more and more worn-out.


I will say, for the price, the Ikea chair has really served us incredibly well. I’m thinking of retiring it to my future craft room (aka the front bedroom). It was a good thing we waited too, because they were running a free ottoman promo, which saved us a couple bucks.

the man chair

We ordered it from Scandinavian Designs in gray leather with the venge (fancy for slight grainy black) finish. It looks darker in the pictures, but I like the contrast it has with the rug. We tested out the different sizes and opted for the large. The medium would have worked great for me, but remember, its Nolan’s chair.

Side story: When we pulled into the parking lot I told Nolan I didn’t like the lot. I’ve parked there often to visit the store next door and always feel crammed in like a sardine. He recently got a new car and since it was nice out, I asked told him to park way far from the door. When we left there was a guy freaking out because an old lady had just swung her door into his Jaguar. I gave Nolan the smug I-told-you-so look and happily walked to the end of the lot where his car remained free of door-dings.

man chair and hallway

Back to the chair: We chose a color combo that they keep stocked, but it still took 3 weeks to be delivered. Considering it took us 5 months to pull the trigger, another 3 weeks was nothing.

the man chair

The lighting in the living room and dining room is super bright, which I love, but hard to photograph. Sophie was also practicing her photo bombing skills.