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Let’s cut to the chase; we’re staying put in our house, for now, at least. But, we do keep an eye on homes for sale in our desired location- Southwest Minneapolis. To be more specific (in order)- Linden Hills, Fulton, East Harriet or Lynnhurst neighborhoods.

For a while we thought we wanted to either be in Minneapolis or north of the city on several acres; think wooded lots, riding lawn mowers, no neighbors. We had an all-or-nothing mentality. Then, we popped into a few open houses in Linden Hills one Sunday and knew it’s where we want to be. The burgers at Red Cow helped seal the deal.

red cow Barcelona burger

But then indecisiveness creeps in. We go back and forth about what to do- depending on the day. We’ve done a lot of work to our house, (basement, backyard, hallway), but still have a few major projects that would really make us happy to stay. (I’m looking at you kitchen!) But then we see our neighbor’s house overcome with weeds, the foreclosure at the end of the block, and the junk scene we can observe from our deck.

80s kitchen

What tipped the scale for me this week was realizing that what the city calls “resurfacing” is really just covering the roads with loose gravel. Driving on it is bad, but riding my bike is even less fun. I hate slowing down, because it decreases my ride’s MPH, but I also don’t want to fall, again. Maybe I really do need a chill pill much.

Moving wouldn’t necessarily fix all these things. You never know what your neighbors will be like and I’m pretty sure I’ll be complaining about the Minneapolis parking. Hello door dings and alley garages.

Then we tip the scale the other way and think about the financial aspect of things and what a pain moving is… So, in the meantime we’ll be doing more sell-friendly updates to the house. Things that we can enjoy now, but will also help us sell next year- if we make that decision. Like new kitchen appliances (instead of a major kitchen remodel) and just painting the entry (rather than doing shiplap/planks).

All this doesn’t stop us from checking Zillow and The MLS Online every other day to check for new listings.


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