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We’ve officially decided against the whole-kitchen-remodel idea, in favor of smaller, incremental changes.  Notice I said smaller, not small. Four brand new appliances was not a small change, but smaller than a complete custom kitchen remodel. Relativity for the win.

September/October is said to be a good time to buy appliances. (Consumer Reports points to November/December as well.) So when September and subsequent Labor Day sales started popping up we took note. We shopped, researched, and price checked. We looked at Appliance Smart, Home Depot, and Best Buy. Between price matching and cost of delivery/installation they were all similar. We ultimately went with Appliance Smart because we started our search there and we had good luck with them when we replaced our wall oven back in our Minneapolis house.

Remember what the kitchen looked like when we moved in?

80s kitchen

Since then, we took down the wallpaper, redid the hallway, removed all the hardware, and installed a new light and faucet. Can you believe we found more (different) wallpaper behind the microwave?!

old microwave hole and wallpaper

Appliance Smart did the delivery and haul away of the old appliances and we hired a local guy to do the install of the range, microwave and dishwasher. Worth every penny.

new stainless steel appliances

Next steps include a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets, all new hardware (it’s amazing how long we’ve gone without any, except for a few random knobs I had leftover from another project), new countertops, and new floors.

I’ve since made Seared Chicken & Caramelized Vegetables, Healthy Zucchini Bread and Sweet Corn Ditali Pasta. I love the convection oven and the dishwasher is SO quiet!!


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