I remember back in about 3rd grade my grandma took me back-to-school shopping and I got my hands on some overalls from JCPenny. It was always a struggle to go to the bathroom, because one strap always wanted to fall into the toilet, but I loved them! When I played pool in our basement I’d use their long, loose pant legs to store my cue when it wasn’t my turn.

Now, some 20 years later, they are popping up all over! White onesshort ones, short white onesdistressed ones, kids’ ones, and throw-back ones.


And it’s not just actual overalls that are on the upswing. There is a new fashion line penned Second Skin Overalls that is launching later this year and here is a poem about overalls.

Should I jump on the bandwagon? It is one of the 14 Outfits We Are Dying to Try Now. How about these skinnies? Back to my roots with these Arizona Distressed ones? Or, at $800, these would conveniently cover up the grease stain I got on my new $5 Target t-shirt.

What else will make a comeback? My small purse performed pretty well at my recent trip to the Minnesota State Fair, but I’d be game to strapping on a fanny pack…