Nolan and I love to travel, but we also love everything there is to do in Minnesota. So many things that I have a short local bucket list to share today!

Minnesota Orchestra 



Seeing a live Minnesota Orchestra performance is one of those culture things I feel like I need to do at least once. I recently discovered this smARTpass, which provides access to all sorts of art programs with free or discounted tickets. I’d love to get dressed up, have dinner at Monello and then walk over to orchestra hall.

Juicy Lucy at Matt’s Bar

juicy lucy at matt's bar


I’ve been to the Nook, Lions Tap and Victory 44, but never to the famous Matt’s Bar. Nolan audibly gasp when I told him this, I guess I better go sometime- maybe after a 30-bike ride.

Vikings game at US Bank Stadium



Could have killed two birds when the Minnesota Orchestra played at the Vikings halftime show.

Classic Movies

Nolan is still shocked that I haven’t seen so many classic movies, like Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Citizen Kane, and Lawrence of Arabia, just to name a few really old ones. Growing up I remember watching the Timberwolves and Law and Order at night. Never did my parents say, “Kids, it’s about time you watched The Godfather.” Slowly, but surely, Nolan has introduced me to “classics” like Blazing Saddles, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, The Birdcage, and Young Frankenstein. When Gene Wilder died earlier this year we agreed it was a perfect time for me to watch The Producers, but there are many more on the list that I should sit down and watch.




There used to be a Holidazzle parade, but now it’s just a market in Loring Park. I never saw the parade because it was always at night and always cold, but I would like to visit the market during the day. If we lived in Minneapolis we could easily take MetroTransit there.

I sometimes take it for granted that we live in such a great place with so much to offer! This weekend might even include a pumpkin patch and corn maze…


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