dogs on instagram sophie

Let’s be clear, Sophie will always be my favorite dog, but there are a bunch of other dogs on Instagram that I love too!


Which is really Molly+Lady (Pomeranian) + Boomer (Newfie)

dogs on instagram molly the newfie


These two adorable goldendoodles make me want to get another Sophie.

dogs on instagram norman and luna


Doesn’t he look just like Sophie?

dogs on instgram buddy the sheep doodle


When you’re as cute as Professor Ramen Picklsson you should have over 30K followers!

dogs on instagram professor ramen


I first started following this account when Kramer was missing, so when he was reunited you know I cried.dogs on instagram everybody loves kramer


How could you not like this guy?

dogs on instagram frankie dood


Don’t you want to just give Charlie a big scratch on the head?
dogs on instagram charlie dood

There are tons of dogs on Instagram but these are my favorites!

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