The day after our wallpaper removal palooza post, week 4 of the One Room Challenge updates were posted. I then realized the number of popular bloggers using wallpaper. (The One Room Challenge is a six-week challenge for 20 design bloggers to remodel a space, each posting an update on Wednesday.)

{None of the images in this post are my own, I think I sourced them all, but if not please let me know!}

In a Shared Girl’s Room

Chris Loves Julia is installed a little bit of wallpaper in the little nook between two Ikea Pax Wardrobes. (My bedroom is jealous that two little girls are getting those awesome wardrobes and it’s not.)

chris loves julia wardrobe design

In a Nursery/Office

The Makerista put up a bold striped wallpaper in their sunroom-turned-nursery/office. I wonder why Gwen didn’t do Teddy Bears?

In a Hallway

Making it Lovely is installing a pale pink wallpaper throughout her old Victorian house’s hallway.
making it lovely wallpaper

In a Living Room

Jana Bek plans to install a graphic peacock blue wallpaper in the bar cart area.
Jana Bek ORM wallpaper
All I have to say is that I hope the wallpaper is easier to remove than the stuff from the 80’s (read: Step 5). Even if it much easier to remove, and you could guarantee an awesome outcome (like this ostrich bathroom), would you consider wallpaper in your next remodel project?
PS: A list of the blogs I read.
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  1. Not after hearing what you went through to take it down! If I really really needed some wall paper, I’d frame bits of it in a gallery installation.

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