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Wouldn’t life be simpler with an all-black wardrobe? Here are 8 reasons I’m considering switching over to an all black wardrobe.

  1. Black is slimming.
    We all know this to be true.
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  1. Shopping online is easier.
    Filter: Black. Boom.

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  1. It’s so classic.
    It will never go out of style and looks good on everyone.

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  1. It’s easily adaptable to any occasion.
    A wedding? Add a statement necklace.
    A BBQ? Add some bright sandals.
    A pool party? Add a colorful hat.
    A funeral? All set.
    A walk down the street? A bright handbag.
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  1. It makes it easier to get dressed in the morning.
    Black goes with everything, so everything would go with everything in my closet.

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  2. I’d rather be hot than cold.
    Let those rays sink into all the black fabric.

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  1. No more separating darks/lights for laundry.
    Not that my fancy new washing machine couldn’t handle it, or maybe it couldn’t
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  2. It’s cheaper?
    Having an all-black wardrobe would make it easier to have less clothes because you could re-wear items more often. Instead, you could spend your money on colorful, statement accessories.

Exceptions would have to be made, like my graphic tees (but let’s not get too crazy, lets stick with black, white and gray). The last thing I bought was some black skinny jeans from Marshalls, so I might just be on my way to an all black wardrobe.

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3 thoughts on “Making the Case for an All Black Wardrobe”

  1. You have the coloring to pull it off beautifully. I had to rid my closet of all black…I’m a fall colors kind of gal. I’m glad you’ll be including pops of color in your accessories.

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