entry makeover front door

Our entry makeover has been slow going, but things are starting to look up!

For fun, let’s go way, way back.

entry makeover before

This picture was taken before I ripped the wallpaper off the walls in the entry. Before we got a new front door and ripped the continued our anti-wallpaper rant. And before we updated all the knobs to oil-rubbed bronze and removed the wallpaper glue in the entry and living room.

The Lights

During a West Elm sale I purchased two of these Trough Flushmount lights for the entry. They were kind of burning a hole in our pockets. So we went ahead and installed them in the entry and at the bottom of the steps even though we had a lot more work left.

entry makeover light

The Stairs

To make it easier to paint the trim we ripped off the old carpet and some of the carpet pad. We wanted to paint all the trim before we have the skim coaters/painters come in, so you can see the walls are still in rough shape. We also took the railing off, which scared Sophie, but made it so much easier to paint.

entry makeover carpet and flooring

The Floor

We decided on industrial strength vinyl flooring for the entry, but wanted carpet for the stairs. We settled on the middle one, the picture below makes it look browner, but IRL it’s more gray.

entry remodel flooring

The Trim

Thanks to Gina’s help (again), we got all the trim painted in one day. This might not sound like a lot, but it includes all the trim in the living room too. It took us several hours, but once again G-Money was a trooper.

entry makeover painted trim

What’s Left

  • Decide on a wall paint color
  • Wait for the flooring to be delivered and schedule the install
  • Install new closet doors and hardware
  • Paint garage door and replace hinges (above)
  • Install remaining trim and new crisp white outlets and vents
  • Fresh coat of paint on railings and re-install
  • Paint and install new basement door to match doors upstairs

Slowly, but surely.

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3 thoughts on “Entry Makeover Progress”

  1. Are your skim coaters scheduled? I may be antsier than you to see the final picture. You have the right attitude, ‘Slowly, but surely’.

    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

    1. Yes! In a few weeks. 🙂 We have a few more small things we want to wrap up before they come so the timing is great.

      Yes, you too!!

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