front deck after

We recently replaced the rotting deck boards on our front deck. Compared to our back deck, this was a much quicker (and cheaper project), but adds some much need curb appeal.

You got a sneak peak at the rotting front deck boards last April, when I was showing off our new front door, lights and Schlage locks.


Removing the Old Boards

Luckily the deck boards were all screwed in, so removing them was a snap. Nolan was doing this while I was working out downstairs (see my snapchat day), so I opened the curtain so Sophie could keep an eye on him.

removing front deck boards

After removing the white railing, we (read: Nolan) installed 16-ft cedar look boards.

front deck cedar look boards

Once Nolan got all the new boards on, he re-installed the white railing and boom! Project done. Between removing the old boards and adding in the new ones, this was a two day project that really spruced up our outside entry.

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