3 is a great number

I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! Pretty sure I told fellow bloggers at the Minnesota Blogger’s Conference it’d only been 2. Instead of doing one of those “What I Learned After 3 Years of Blogging” post, I’ve decided to share why 3 is a great number.


These three girls! This picture is from their high school graduation in 2015 and now they are all excelling in their 2nd year at Marquette, U of M, and West Point.

3 is the best number triplets


A 5K (3.1 miles) is the perfect run distance; it’s long enough to get your heart rate going and burn some calories, but short enough that you can run it without exhaustive training. Like the Esprit de She I did this summer.

esprit de she maple grove 5K finished

3 Years Old

The age when kids are usually potty trained and “officially” invited to have sleepovers at our house. (At which point Auntie Em and Uncle Nolan let you do/eat whatever you want, including sit on the counters and eat cake batter.)

sleepovers at auntie em's house

Meals in a Day

But let’s all be honest, it’s usually it’s like 6 mini-meals in a day.


3 strikes in bowling = turkey, it’s still only happened once. What would happen if you got a turkey in frames 1-2-3, 5-6-7, and 9-10-10?

bowling turkey


It’s common knowledge to group items in three, like our where we met, married, and live map pictures in our hallway.

where we met, married, and live maps

speaking of hallway…

Knock Three Times

You’re welcome.

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