master bathroom remodel

Combine a desire to move and a leaky shower and a master bathroom remodel is born. We set a budget, got bids, hired a contractor and got a new bathroom within a span of a month. Ah the joys of hiring projects out!


When we moved in, we did a mini remodel including painting the trim, painting the base vanity, and re-did the countertop and installed new lights. The actual bathroom is separate from the sink and vanity; I like to pretend we live at a hotel. 🙂 It is very small, so capturing photos of it is a bit of a challenge, bear with me.


The bathroom also got a new door when we did the hallway project, but other than that it’s remained untouched. It has the same tile as the main bathroom and I debated painting it too, but once we knew the shower leaked we knew it would need a bigger renovation. You can sort of see the leak in the photo below, at the bottom right corner of the shower. (We stopped using this shower once we knew it leaked.)

Master Bathroom Remodel before


Master Bathroom Remodel shower demo

Day 1 of the master bathroom remodel was a complete demo of the room. That outlet in the middle of the shower goes into the kitchen and was, of course, in the exact spot I wanted a niche. So, our contractor had to add some electrical work to his scope.

Shower Tile

Master Bathroom Remodel shower tile

When I came home from work and saw this I was SO excited, I immediately took Snapchats. For the shower we selected a basic white subway tile with arctic storm glass tile for the border. Day two and three were spent installing all the shower tile.

Master Bathroom Remodel shower tile

Tile Floors

Master Bathroom Remodel floor tile

After all the shower tile was done, they laid the metro charcoal floor tile. I felt bad for the guys having to go from the garage, up the stairs, down the hallway and through the bedroom between each tile cut. All but two of the floor tiles had to be cut, I bet that guy walked 5 miles after all those trips back and forth from the garage. On day 4 they grouted the shower and the floor. On day 5 they sealed all the grout.

Trim, Door & Toilet

master bathroom remodel toilet

On the 6th day they finished up with installing the trim, the door and the new toilet. No one likes other people’s kissing photos, which is why I opted to display ours in our master bathroom.


To stay within our budget we agreed to re-paint after all the work was done. We painted the walls Dolfin Fin again, same as before. The bathroom is TINY, so these were the best photos I could capture.

master bathroom remodel niche

By far my favorite part of the entire remodel is the niche in the shower. Cheers to the niche and checking a major project off our list!

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