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Decisiveness had lead to accelerated house projects, like removing all the textured wallpaper, replacing the front deck boards, and starting the entryway makeover. Add white cabinets with oil-rubbed bronze hardware (read: re-painting the kitchen cabinets, replacing all the hinges, and installing new hardware) to the list. Woof.

I teased ya’ll with this photo of the cabinet doors as the reason why we went out for Thanksgiving. In all honesty though, we decided to go out before starting the cabinet painting extravaganza. You know that a little construction zone wouldn’t stop us from hosting a gathering, but this was more than a little construction zone.

painting cabinets

Removing the Old Hinges

removing stubborn hardware

The kitchen cabinets were painted a very white cream about 20 years ago. All things considered, they’ve held up really well. The hinges were another story, as you saw on my Instagram feed. The paint had rubbed off in several areas and they were grimy from all the years in the kitchen. But, after installing hinges in our main bathroom, I knew how big a difference it would make with new hinges and hardware.

removing stubborn hardware

Half of the hinges were so stubborn we had to take a Dremel to them to create a groove for more leverage. (Do you like my pink tool belt?)

removing stubborn hardware

It wasn’t hard, but time consuming because nearly half of the hinges were stuck. Sophie provided lots of moral support.

dog and dremel

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardware

I went to three hardware stores and talked to two uber grumpy old men and one super friendly one. The friendly old man at Rockler Hardware taught me that the hinges are double demountable hinges with a 1/2 inch overlay. Rockler doesn’t sell them though, so he pointed me to another hardware warehouse in town or Amazon. The chances that I’d encounter another grumpy man were high so I went the easy route and bought these from Amazon.

Amerock BP8704ORB

The cabinet handle shopping included zero grumpy encounters, except with myself and my expensive tastes. We needed 47 3″ handles, but I wasn’t ready to drop $560+  or $800. We looked at a few local shops and Amazon, but ended up getting these from
libp20383vbcc-prod my

Painting the Cabinets

Glen, Nolan’s dad, came over one Saturday morning to help out. So when Nolan and I were dremeling, Glen cleaned and prepped all the cabinets. One extra set of hands makes such a difference!

painting cabinets

The fronts and the backs got two coats of crisp white paint and then we let them dry for a day before re-installing them. We should have waited a full two days, or even longer. We were just so anxious to get our kitchen back. That’s when we realized that the double demountable 1/2 inch overlay hinges were not going to work on all the cabinets. Back to Amazon to order 5 single demountable with 1/2 inch overlay hinges. They were just delivered last week and the drill holes are at the top and bottom of the hinge, not in the middle- where the current holes are, thus part 1 and part 2 of this white cabinets with oil-rubbed bronze hardware saga.

This is just the latest we’ve done in the kitchen, read more about the new appliances, upgrading the faucet and replacing the sink light. Lots of progress, no?

White Cabinets with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Hardware: What’s Left?

We still need to finish installing the 5 single demountable with 1/2 inch overlay hinges, and touch up paint in several spots. New countertops are going in this week, just in time for Christmas! Unlike Thanksgiving, we’ll be hosting and Nolan will be making his prime rib again.
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