skim coating after wallpaper removalAfter doing our best at removing all the textured wallpaper and painting all the trim white, we called in the pros to skim coat and paint the entry, living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway.

 The Prep

We used the same company that did the skim coating in the basement. They taped off everything with Dexter-like precision.

skim coating prep

They did two rounds of skim coating and sanding until everything was smooth. Originally they thought they could do it with one round, so the schedule was extended but only by one day.

skim coating and primer

Due to the two rounds of sanding and our semi-open concept layout the dust got EVERYWHERE. Any and all surfaces (including our newly painted cabinets and hallway light) had a small layer of dust on them.

skim coating hallway

Sophie got to hang out with Glen during the day, but in the evenings she walked through all the dust and carried it throughout the house. They did a pretty thorough clean-up, but for several days we were dusting almost all the other rooms in the house. Skim coating is a messy business, but the results are worth it. More to come, including what paint color we chose and we finally got curtains hung!

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