Sophie is so excited to be sharing the dining room reveal today; the dining room is arguably her favorite room in the house.

Just like the living room reveal, I have several pictures that show the room’s evolution. This photos was taken shortly after we moved in. The only thing I had done was hang those pictures and take down the window treatments.

Then I painted the red wall and removed the wallpaper in the kitchen, but not the wall not the right. We also got a different dining room table. We also stored the pizza oven in the basement, rearranged some furniture and upgraded Sophie’s food container.

Just like the rest of the upstairs, the dining room walls were skim coated, the trim got a fresh coat of white paint and the trim around the slider was replaced with thick smooth trim.

After two rounds of skim coating and sanding, the entire thing was painted in Sherwin Williams Pavestone.

Dining Room Reveal

I re-hung the same artwork, but WAY too far apart and it’s driving me nuts! Each frame requires two nails and the thought of having to fill, sand, and touch-up a brand new wall drives me more nuts. The curtain rods and curtains are from Target and also drive me nuts because they are too short. Other than that, I love it!

I love how much light it gets in the morning, but it makes it hard to take good photos. Do you spy my basil plant barely hanging on?? 🙂 Somehow more bottles have snuck their way back onto the side table…

The kitchen reveal is next!

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  1. Oh it’s gorgeous! I’m so glad that you are thrilled with it; you should be! I know what you mean about too short of curtains…I didn’t know about that sort of thing when I bought mine and they bug me too.

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