I promise the full kitchen reveal is coming soon! But first, part 2 of our white cabinet and oil-rubbed bronze hinges saga.

The Install

After getting all the cabinets painted the regular hinges installed we lived with 5 missing doors in our kitchen. After ordering the correct (single demountable with 1/2 inch overlay) oil-rubbed bronze hinges from Amazon we set out to install them.

The install wasn’t quite so straight forward, thus the procrastinating. The previous hinges were attached with one centered screw. Our new hinges had a top/bottom screw attaching them. The process of attaching them took several rounds of marking, checking, drilling, checking, screwing and re-checking.

We put the hinge on the door, then carefully lined it up to the cabinet while the other person marked where the new holes needed to go. Then, we pre-drilled the 4 holes and then crossed our fingers that the doors lined up.

It didn’t help that some of the doors were in tiny, cramped places, but nothing my tiny pink drill couldn’t handle. It wasn’t difficult, but tedious because we didn’t want to mess up and have to repair and re-drill any holes.

You might be wondering if all of this was worth it for oil-rubbed bronze hinges and spoiler: it was!

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