I’m so excited to finally be posting the entry reveal today! The entryway is one of the places that first impressions are made and I think we did a pretty bang up job.


Like the living room, dining room and kitchen reveal I’d like to start from the beginning. After we moved in we dropped our rug, hung a new coat hook, and put a picture up where there was already a nail hole.

Removing the Wallpaper

Then, I started taking down the wallpaper around the house.

New Door and Hardware

Next got a new front door and new hardware, which I still love! We use the keypad all the time when we walk Sophie.

Removing the Wallpaper Glue

After living with walls that looked like they were smoke damaged for way too long, we removed all the textured wallpaper in the entry and upstairs. We also upgraded our doorbell.

Painting the Trim

Next, we ripped out the carpet, painted the trim, and replaced the lights. Meanwhile, outside Nolan replaced the deck boards.

Skim Coat and Paint

At this point we called in the pros to skim coat and paint the upstairs and entry. We also picked out the carpet and landing flooring. Both are industrial, heavy-duty grade; perfect for an entry of a house that has a very energetic dog.


Instead of replacing the railings we simply brought them into the garage and spray painted them…. in 20 degree weather.

Entry Reveal

To get to this point we also replaced the hinges on the garage door, painted the garage door, replaced the vent in the stairs, painted and installed new closet doors and hardware, and replaced the outlet with white switches.

Of course I kept my “A Home is not a Home without a Golden Doodle” sign up. 🙂

So far the carpet has been great! It vacuums up nicely and has stood up to Sophie’s nails and our stomping.

I also got this jute rug from Ikea. It brings a warmer natural feel to the space.

The photo below really shows how different the wall color can look depending on lighting. Our new front door lets in SO much light. I love it! I almost forgot to mention that we replaced the basement door too, so it matches all the doors upstairs.

Are you still with me? I didn’t realize how many photos I had of the entry! There were so many stages and so many angles to capture the transformation.

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    1. We’ve painted the trim throughout our entire house and I’ll be honest, it’s a bear of a project. Mostly because it’s tedious and back-breaking- unless you remove it to paint it. It’s all worth it though! I’d try doing it in a small room or space first.

  1. Great transformation! I love the fresh update and how the lighting improved the welcome feeling of this space.

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