I love finding new, inspiring Instagram accounts to follow, so today I’m sharing 5 great fitness Instagram accounts to follow. I like all these accounts for different reasons; they each provide a different perspective on fitness, but they all keep me motivated.

Fitness Instagram Accounts

-600+ followers
I love the occasional scripture mixed in with her healthy meals and workout encouragement.

-410K+ followers
One of these days I’ll follow one of her videos (in intireaty) and I’d’d have some awesome kicks like hers!

-7900+ followers
Her colorful workout outfits, fun cardio dances and kiss at the end of every workout always leaving me smiling- almost as big as she smiles throughout her videos.

-41K+ followers
Ok I’ll be honest, I’ll never be an advanced yogi like her, but her moves still encourage me to practice on my flexibility.

-16K+ followers
I love how she shows “real” people doing her workouts. We’re all on a different fitness journey. A few dog pictures don’t hurt either. 🙂

PS: My favorite dogs on Instagram.

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