After seeing the big 5-0 in the forecast I immediately planned to take advantage by taking Sophie for a walk/run after work.

I planned on just walking for 30 minutes, but the fresh air felt so good I decided to jog. Ok, more like trot. Sophie used to be able to run 6 miles with me when we lived in NE Minneapolis, but now she’s a bit older she prefers trotting. And so do I.

My favorite part was trotting by a few women and hearing them say “SO cute!” I assume they were talking about Sophie, but who knows, I was having a good body-image day.

After 2 miles of a walk/run and posing for tons of pictures she was ready to go home. That might not sound like a lot, but don’t worry, my FIL still walks her during the day, so she gets plenty of exercise. More exercise = more treats. 🙂

After slurping down a bunch of water, she plopped down on the couch. She didn’t even have enough energy to pull her leg and tail into her usual curl.

I love those random warm winter days that you can go outside and pretend it’s spring. Even though there is snow in the forecast and I know I’ll be back on my trainer in no time. I wonder how many walk/runs the weather in Cincinnati will allow for…

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