Our realtors made selling our house in Minnesota really easy, but it was still a little bittersweet after all the hard work we put into it. Listing photos and how it all went down…

The photos throughout this post were taken by our realtor. If there are any twin city locals that need a recommendation please let me know!

Last fall we decided we’d be selling our house come spring. That’s what spurred all our house projects, including the entry, kitchen, living room and dining room makeovers. Then, Nolan accepted a new position and we agreed to move to Cincinnati.

Luckily the basement, backyard and deck were already done. We quickly set out a plan on finishing other projects and getting it ready to sell. We worked with his relocation company to interview multiple realtors in our area.


Each of the realtors that we interviewed gave us a range of what they thought our home should list at. They do this by looking at what comparable houses have sold for in the area, not what else is currently on the market.


While we were on vacation in Grenada our house went on an internal company list. At that point it’s not posted to the MLS and the only way you can see it is if you’re a realtor with that company. Kind of like a restaurant’s soft opening.

Selling Our House

We received multiple offers after less than a week on the internal list. We had to negotiate a few things, but overall it was a very smooth process. I never thought that selling our house would be so easy!

PS: I reorganized all house-related posts for easier navigation. Now, they are broken out by MPLS, Shoreview and Cincinnati House.

10 thoughts on “Selling our House in Minnesota”

  1. I love how you decorated your house too! You guys did such a great job with everything! We will definitely miss you!

    1. Thanks! I know, seeing all the pictures back-to-back really show how much we’ve done. I’m so glad we documented everything and will be doing the same in the new house so everyone back in MN can follow along. 🙂

  2. Congrats! We just sold our house this past month – we actually closed on the 30th and are hoping to close on our next house next week. It’s crazy how fast houses sell! We had our first offer in 24 hours and 3 more by the deadline we set for offers 2 days later. I’m so happy it went to smoothly for you! Best of luck with the move.

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